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Back To Normal Restoration is Certified to Handle All Mold Removal/Remediation Projects

Back to Normal Restoration Services provides safe and permanent mold removal with a 100% guarantee to pass mold clearance tests when we are done.

Mold often goes undetected for too long, and can cause massive damage if not properly treated. But early warning signs of mold can reveal its presence and save you a lot of trouble. If you notice signs like untraceable bad odors, or black stains under the sink or around your home, it may be time to check for a professional to check for mold in that space.

Our inspectors are very knowledgeable and will be more than happy to walk you through the steps required by a potential home remediation or office remediation project. Back to Normal Restoration always conducts an initial on-site mold inspection* to assess the situation and determine the amount of damage that has occurred to your home or office. From there we will assemble a plan of action with you, and begin attacking the problem.

* Due to the time-intensive requirements of this initial inspection, the inspection cost is $250.00. This inspection fee will be applied towards your overall bill if any mold removal or remediation is required. Learn more here.

    Pt. 1: What is mold?

    Mold, black mold, fungi, bacteria, and mildew, are all different types of fungal growths that thrive on moisture and organic matter. There is a large variety of invasive fungal species, estimated to range from tens of thousands to perhaps three hundred thousand or more. The most common varieties found inside our homes include Aspergillus, Cladosporium, Stachybotrys, Penicillium, and Alternaria.

    Sustained humidity and water leaks are frequent causes of mold infestations. High humidity levels trigger fungus germination and growth, while lower humidity tends to increase the release of mold spores as a method of self-preservation. Water leaks in the home or business are often the source of mold, as well as the first indications that mold may be present. Any significant water leak should be your cue to order professional mold testing.

    Pt. 2: How does mold cause damage?

    Mold is a bacterial microbe that has the potential to make people ill and cause significant property destruction. Mold can root, spread, and grow into a significant contamination in any slightly damp area, and the inside of a wall makes an ideal home for mold. Mold releases spores, which are easily transported in the air we breathe and can be absorbed into our bodies without our awareness.

    Once a contamination has occured the mold will continuously release spores into your environment, and the safe removal of the mold is not possible without specialized equipment.

    Some mold varieties affect humans very slightly, while others are toxic. When mold is toxic, mold removal becomes an urgent matter. Toxic molds produce poisonous substances which may affect the entire human body. These contaminants can be ingested through food, inhaled through the air, or absorbed by contact with the skin.  The results are critical and require immediate attention.

    Pt. 3: Mold Decontamination and Removal

    Mold can be caused by a flood or just ambient humidity. Don’t wait for a flood to test for mold. Mold removal should be left to qualified and licensed professionals who are prepared to safely remove the mold and establish clean and healthy environments. Do not attempt mold removal without proper equipment and safety precautions.

    Between our in-house team of dedicated mold removal specialists, we provide complete & permanent mold remediation, cleanup, and restoration services:

    • Mold tests performed by our team, including swab and air samples.
    • Test samples are picked by our technicians and examined by an independent testing laboratory. When the mold-test results are ready, you will receive a complete lab report analysis from our certified mold inspectors.
    • Mold removal by performing mold abatement procedures using ‘green’ mold cleaning materials for safe & permanent mold remediation.
    • Fungicidal protective coating application to prevent future mold growth in the treated areas.
    • Final mold spore test to verify complete remediation of the mold problem.
    • Complete damage restoration for affected areas.

    Back to Normal Restoration Services provides a 100% guarantee that your home or office will be cleared by a 3rd party laboratory following all mold jobs. You don’t pay unless mold is 100% completely and definitely removed!

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