Do I need to wait to call my insurance provider before I contact a restoration company?

We recommend calling a restoration service immediately after any disaster occurs. Losses occur at all hours of the day and night, and waiting to speak to an insurance agent before emergency work begins can cause more damage to your home. Engaging a restoration company immediately after a loss is the first step in minimizing damages.

Having a loss occur in your home can be a time of high stress and chaos. Making sure your family and pets are all safe, calling a restoration company to begin the work, and filing a claim with your insurance company are all items that need to be done, but are typically things most people have never had to deal with before. At Back to Normal Restoration Services we feel it’s important that you make educated decisions regarding the processes and repairs on your home.

We are a preferred and trusted contractor for most insurance companies in our area and highly recommended by the community (see our testimonials).

We work hand-in-hand with any and every insurance company.
We are a preferred contractor/vendor with Nationwide & USAA.

Pt. 1: What happens first?

When a problem arises, we are quick to respond with not only the proper equipment and crew, but with thorough documentation of the event to make sure our client’s are well cared for by their insurance carrier. The typical chain of events involving an insurance claim are as follows:

An IICRC certified project manager will contact you immediately to gather your information regarding:

  • the property,
  • the loss,
  • the location,
  • the insurance provider and
  • the status of contacting the insurance provider.

An IICRC certified project manager will contact you immediately to gather your information regarding

  • the property,
  • the loss,
  • the location,
  • the insurance provider and
  • the status of contacting the insurance provider.

Pt. 2: Contacting Insurance

We will advise the customer to make initial contact with the insurance company as we prepare equipment, crew and head to the site. We thoroughly document our work to ensure that all claims are successfully compensated. 

A typical action plan may look like this:

  1. Determine if interior space needs to be sealed from outdoors; handle accordingly.
  2. Assess the type of fire damage and contamination level.
  3. Discover the magnitude of the loss, inspect and examine the property.
  4. Begin moving and rearranging the contents of the property (to ensure proper access to drying, if applicable).

Pt. 3: Emergency Measures

Our team is trained to prevent any further damage from the event by use of special equipment and mitigation techniques.

Windows, walls, and roofs are often damaged by disasters. Back to Normal Restoration Professionals will board up missing windows and walls to keep out the elements. We also deploy large-scale tarps for damaged roofs in order to safeguard against further damage.

Pt. 4: Documentation & Estimate Submission

A Back To Normal project manager will document the site thoroughly and take pictures, notes, and measurements in order to write a comprehensive, detailed estimate that will then be provided to the insurance adjuster.

We use the same software as the insurance adjusters in order to write estimates and ultimately come to an approved sum of money for the customer’s claim.

Pt. 5: Estimate Review

Once the adjuster has visited the site, and received our estimate, they will review and adjust the estimate. 

Our years of experience and working relationships with many local insurance agents ensures that our estimates are sound, and can be processed rapidly by insurance adjusters.

Pt. 6: Distribution of Funds

Funds will then be issued to the insured for the temporary repairs, and once work is completed, funds will be issued for the final repairs.

Our goal is to always begin work and complete it without any break or delay due to the insurance company.


I would like to thank you and Back to Normal for the tremendous job you have done in handling several restoration jobs at various apartment complexes that we manage. The representatives from your company acted promptly and did an extremely thorough and professional job of cleaning and restoring our property. Our staff, our residents, and our insurance company have been very pleased with your quick response and turnaround times. Your representatives have answered all of our questions, assisted our staff, and met every need we have had. Our highest appreciation goes to the representatives and crew of Back To Normal Restoration. We recommend your company without reservation and again we thank you for the wonderful job and timely response.


Debbie R. Honeycutt
Director of Property Management

Debbie R. Honeycutt – GEM Property Management
We were very pleased with the quote and price of the work completed by Back To Normal. We had water damage our our hardwood floors that in the entire downstairs area. The hardwood was glued to a concrete floor. They removed all hardwood, cleaned and polished concrete floor, installed new flooring, wood trim and painted. The crew was excellent, on time each day and cleaned up after themselves each day. We really appreciated that as we were still living in the house at the time. back to Normal made our life easier as they handled everything from moving furniture and replacing as needed. Highly recommended.


Rick Autry – Google Testimonials