Water Damage Restoration

Back to Normal Restoration is the premier water damage restoration company of coastal North and South Carolina. No matter the severity, we specialize in quickly mitigating the issue, preventing further damage and restoring the property like it never even happened.

Fire & Smoke Restoration

At Back to Normal, we are fully equipped with trained staff and specialized equipment to handle any fire and smoke damage thrown our way. Without proper fire or smoke damage restoration, the smell of a fire can last indefinitely. Our equipment and procedures ensure the property looks and smells better than before.

Mold Removal & Mold Remediation

Mold in the home or workplace leads to an array of health issues and should be taken seriously. At Back to Normal we use a multi-step process to remove and prevent future mold growth, keeping your loved ones and coworkers safe.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Moisture is found in all crawl spaces leading to mold and decay of the supporting structure. Our crawl space encapsulation solutions create a stable environment, in order to maintain humidity levels, prevent mold and reduce heating and cooling costs.

Covid-19 Disinfecting Services

Back To Normal Restoration is responding to the current pandemic by providing innovative cleaning services and sanitizing solutions for homeowners and commercial properties. Our process treats 99.9% of all illness causing viruses and bacteria.

Commercial Restoration Services

Insurance is great but it doesn’t pay the bills. When your place of work is inoperable, getting it up and running again is priority number one. With Back to Normal Restoration Services, you can always count on having professional staff members working to get you and your team back on your feet quickly and efficiently.

Residential Restoration Services

Back to Normal Restoration Services is a single source provider offering a wide variety of emergency restoration and general contracting services. We take care of our clients from beginning to end, guaranteeing Back to Normal every time.

Duct Cleaning Services

Having your air ducts professionally cleaned helps with energy costs, but more importantly ensures a cleaner atmosphere for you and those around you. At Back to Normal we have the equipment and staff to create a healthy environment in your living space.

Mold Testing Services

If you suspect mold– get a test! Mold can be a major health hazard, and confirming the presence of mold is the first step. Our tests have a typical turnaround time of 48 hours in order to quickly inform our customers of any potential issues.