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Your home or business has smoke or fire damage; now what?

Damages caused by fire, exposure to smoke, harmful gasses, and soot require immediate attention. Many people do not realize that even the smallest fires can cause irreversible problems for your home or business.

Back To Normal Restoration is the premier fire damage restoration company in the Coastal NC and SC area. We specialize in cleaning up and restoring your residential or commercial fire damage.

There are a few key parts of each and every fire damage process. Our fire restoration and smoke damage cleanup process includes aerating, thorough drying, disinfection, and deodorization of areas throughout your property that have been affected by the fire.

Even complete losses can be rebuilt from the ground up. Back to Normal Restoration will work hand in hand with you and your insurance company to ensure a painless restoration process.

    Pt. 1: What happens first?

    A customer service agent will gather some information about your fire damage emergency. Then we will immediately dispatch a local Back To Normal Restoration Repair Specialist, armed with the specifics of your fire or smoke damage case.

    Please have the following info ready so we can better serve you:

    • Name and contact details for the person in charge of cleanup
    • Specifics regarding your insurance (if applicable)
    • The street address where the damage is located
    • Is there (on-site) electricity available?
    • Name and contact details for the person in charge of cleanup
    • Specifics regarding your insurance (if applicable)
    • The street address where the damage is located
    • Is there (on-site) electricity available?

    Pt. 2: Inspect and Assess the Fire Damage

    A Back To Normal Restoration Technician will inspect the fire or smoke damage on-site. Then they will put together an action plan.

    A typical action plan may look like this:

    1. Determine if interior space needs to be sealed from outdoors; handle accordingly.
    2. Assess the type of fire damage and contamination level.
    3. Discover the magnitude of the loss, inspect and examine the property.
    4. Begin moving and rearranging the contents of the property (to ensure proper access to drying, if applicable).

    Pt. 3: Tarp Over Roof, Begin Board-up Service

    Windows, walls, and roofs are often damaged by fire. Back to Normal Restoration Professionals will board up missing windows and walls to keep out the elements. We also deploy large-scale tarps for damaged roofs in order to safeguard against further damage.

    Pt. 4: Remove Excess Water, Begin Drying Out Process

    A major fire may require a lot of water to extinguish. Our water removal process starts almost immediately and ends with the bulk of the water removed. Any residual water will be removed with dehumidifiers and air movers and fans.

    Because retained water can cause mold to grow in as little as 48 hours after water damage has set in, we inspect all areas for lingering moisture. Some water damage may not appear at first, only to become apparent later.

    Pt. 5: Clean All Areas of Smoke and Soot Damage

    To extract smoke and soot from floors, walls, and other surfaces, our experts use advanced equipment and techniques including:

    • Dry Sponging & Mopping
    • Specialized Vacuums
    • Washing Floors and Surfaces with Specialized Detergents

    Pt. 6: Repair & Restore All Affected Areas

    We will clean all salvageable objects, surfaces, and structures that were affected by the flames or heat. To restore your environment to pre-fire condition, we employ a number of cleaning techniques, including industrial air scrubbers and fogging devices to minimize fire-related odors.

    The final step is restoration of your home or company to its pre-fire state. Restoration may include minor repairs like drywall removal, painting, and carpet installation, or major repairs like the renovation of different areas or rooms in a home or company.

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