Staying Safe in A Thunderstorm

Throughout the nation, thunderstorms wreak havoc and Coastal North & South Carolina is no different. Fires, floods, power outages, lightning strikes, wind damage or tornadoes and more can result from these storms.

Follow these critical tips and procedures to ensure that you and your family stay healthy during an intense thunderstorm!

1. Have a survival kit for thunderstorm destruction.

2. If feasible, stay indoors and away from the walls.

3. Instead of candles, use flashlights and or head lamps.

4. If needed, unplug as many appliances as you can safely reach.

5. When the power is out, try not to open refrigerators or freezers.

When the thunderstorm settles and electricity is restored, take survey of anything that may be broken or missing.
If you do sustain storm damage, it can be disorienting and overwhelming.

Call the professionals at Back To Normal Restoration Services to help you get your life Back To Normal.

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