What To Do With A Burst Water Heater

1. If your water heater causes water damage in Coastal North or South Carolina, try to stay calm and turn off the water supply line.

2. Then, to deal with the mess left behind, contact us! We are a restoration business that specializes in repair and cleanup of water damage. Because of the possible hot temperature of the water and late identification issues associated with water heater floods, there are some risks that go beyond conventional flooding incidents. If you’re coping with this, there are some serious risks to keep in mind.

3. Do not rush in if you see steam all over the place, since the water bursting forth from the heater may be boiling hot. Otherwise, you risk suffering hot water burns. It’s preferable to wait for a Back To Normal Restoration Services technician to arrive and handle everything.

4. Some other reasons not to hurry into a flooded area is that exposed wiring or electrical outlets may be contacted by the water. As a result, the water contains a significant electric current, thus do not enter the water. Additionally, because the electrical system shorts and sparks, the condition poses a possible fire threat. So if your water heater does break and causes a leak, call Back To Normal Restoration Services as soon as it is safe to do so!

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