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Let’s Get Your House Back To Normal

Your home is your place of peace– Back To Normal Restoration Services is fully qualified to deal with your disaster, and provide all necessary contractor services to put it together just like it was, and make your house feel like it’s yours again.

We are experienced disaster restoration specialists who have dealt with every kind of emergency in the home. We surpass other disaster recovery companies with our comprehensive home service offerings.

Fire in the kitchen? We can make the damage look like it never happened, rebuild any necessary woodwork, repair the flooring, and re-install any appliances.

Flooding from a hurricane? We can get your house dried out, and we can remove and replace sections of wall and flooring that may be affected, all the way to laying the last tile or putting on the final coat of paint.

We are especially sensitive to issues like bad odors, dust, and debris that negatively affect your living space, and we take extra precautions to minimize the effects on you and your family during the restoration process.

Our team approaches every job with discretion, courtesy, and compassion, because understand the need for extra consideration after a traumatic event.

When you hire Back To Normal Restoration Services, you are getting a full team of disaster recovery specialists, contractors, and support staff who have dealt with this situation before, and can gently and expertly guide you through this hard time.

    No Job is Too Big or Too Small

    We are seasoned veterans when it comes to cleaning up after hurricanes, fires, and other major events; but in your home the damage may seem more mild. Rather than trying to deal with the damage yourself, or hiring someone who does not specialize in home restoration, treat yourself to the ease and professionalism of Back To Normal Restoration Services.

    If you need a contractor for any type of job in your home, don’t hesitate to call us day or night. One of our restoration experts is available 24/7 to walk you through the process of working with us, and get someone out to inspect your home right away.

    Our restoration professionals are capable of:

    • sub-floor work,
    • floor covering replacement/restoration,
    • drywall, trim and baseboard replacement,
    • decorative wallpaper and border replacement,
    • painting,
    • and more!

    Back to Normal Restoration Services also specializes in spot and stain removal on a variety of flooring and textile surfaces. We will leave any damaged area in your home looking fresh and new.

    Home Insurance Experts

    When you call us, a Back To Normal Restoration technician will inspect the damage on-site in a matter of hours, and begin to form a plan of action for your home. This includes advising you on how to work with your homeowner’s insurance to keep your out-of-pocket costs as low as possible.

    We are a trusted services provider for many insurance providers throughout coastal North Carolina and South Carolina, so if you call your insurance first, there is a good chance that we may be their next call. We manage the restoration process from the top down, so we have many successful years of experience working directly with insurance companies to make disaster recovery quicker and easier for homeowners.

    We are responsive and available any time you need us, and we work transparently with you and your insurance company to avoid any surprises or hidden costs that could come back on you, the homeowner. Our goal is to be your partner throughout the entire process, to make sure you never feel alone, and to quickly get you Back To Normal.

    Our team makes every effort to be minimally invasive, considerate of your living space, and work quickly and efficiently so that you and your family can be on your way to getting your life Back To Normal!

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