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Dealing with A Covid Outbreak Requires More Than Just Cleaning

If you are experiencing a Covid-19 outbreak, you need Back to Normal Restoration Services and our team of expert technicians to clear your space and break the cycle of infection.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its newer strains can still pose a deadly threat to everyday people. If your business, place of worship, or school wants to effectively safeguard the health of your visitors you need options for thoroughly disinfecting your space.

Back To Normal Restoration has long been a trusted partner for organizations across the Coastal Carolinas region when dealing with disaster restoration and improvements, so it makes sense that our clients would turn to us for help dealing with the ongoing disaster of the pandemic.

Our technicians are caring and discreet, they understand that you may be dealing with a lot, and their only goal is to get you Back To Normal.

    Industry Leaders

    Back To Normal Restoration is a best-in-class operation because of our great staff and cutting-edge decontamination methods. We are a team of decontamination professionals who understand that you want to get on with your life as quickly as possible.

    Our decontamination process follows and meets EPA and CDC standards for Covid-19 disinfection to safely and thoroughly be able to declare your space to be disinfected.

    Business Continuity

    Our emergency response team can be rapidly mobilized to keep your business or organization operating safely in the face of a Covid-19 outbreak. We understand that as you and your customers or patrons are getting back to pre-pandemic levels of activity, you want to be able to do so without having an outbreak derail or cancel your normal operations.

    Our team will investigate your situation and develop a response plan that meets your needs, and can begin immediately.

    Our tactics to respond to an outbreak may include:

    • Immediate deployment of decontamination unit
    • Regularly scheduled ongoing disinfection services based around your peak traffic times
    • Specialized containment and disposal of contaminated debris (hazardous or non-hazardous)
    • Specialized containment and disposal of used PPE

    Experienced Decontamination Experts

    Some companies respond to Covid-19 decontamination as a simple cleaning job. At Back To Normal Restoration, we have decades of experience with emergency and hazmat situations that inform our response and Covid-19 protocols.

    We are experienced in cleaning up many other bloodborne pathogens and viruses, and we have built upon that knowledge to offer a comprehensive package of services to make your building covid-free. If covid keeps popping up, it may be time to have the area professionally cleaned. Our staff is trained to identify and use the most effective cleaning agents and methods when reestablishing a location’s safety after an outbreak. Our thoroughness, great staff, and attention to detail have made us a preferred vendor for many businesses throughout the region.

    We have dealt with everything from the smallest decontamination jobs to large-scale disaster responses, and our team always carries out each job with discretion, compassion, and professionalism. Our entire focus is on you and getting your life Back To Normal.

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