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Trust Back To Normal Restoration for Professional Air Duct Cleaning

We are the coastal Carolinas’ local duct cleaning professionals, and we will get you breathing easily and Back to Normal in no time. 

Most people won’t notice when it’s time to clean the ducts, but those with allergies or other respiratory sensitivities may feel it long before anyone else notices. At Back To Normal, our technicians are experts in air duct cleaning, dryer vent clearing, and restoration for all heating, ventilation, and HVAC systems. We have seen almost everything in our years of doing this work, and no matter the size or age your duct system, you can trust our team’s experience to leave your duct system flawless.

Duct cleaning is sometimes a noisy and dirty job, but thanks to our team’s clean precautions your space will end up looking (and smelling) better than before. Our expertise and experience with all manner of disaster recovery and restoration help us to create a positive experience for each of our clients, and no job is too small (even clearing a dryer vent).

    Pt. 1: Why do I need to clean my ducts?

    Duct systems are usually supposed to be completely empty, but if that’s not the case, you may be in trouble. Dust, debris, lint, pests, and mold can all creep into your duct system– and any one of these can be both dangerous and costly.

    The danger can come from breathing in unwanted particles or even fire hazards. Long periods of exposure to foreign particles being pumped into your space and inhaled by you or your loved ones can cause serious health problems or make existing issues even worse. Most of these inhalants are not deadly by themselves, but can prove to be very dangerous for elderly or immunocompromised people, and can rob otherwise healthy people of their energy.

    Dryer vents do not usually circulate air in your living space, but can cause a home fire in a surprisingly short amount of time. Many homeowners are not aware when their dryer line has a lint buildup, which can then force the dryer to work too hard and overheat. Sadly, this is the cause of many home fires nationally each year.

    The cost can come from an overtaxed HVAC unit or air handler, which cannot function properly when it is being forced to circulate a bunch of junk that should not be in the ducts. Whether it’s a slow buildup of dust or lint over many years, or a sudden appearance of foreign material after an accident or disaster, you need to keep your ducts clean to keep your HVAC unit happy, and blowing cold or hot air.

    Pt. 2: How do I know it’s time to clean my ducts?

    Most people won’t notice dirty ducts for a while, but very often the symptoms first appear by negatively affecting your health. Many people deal with chronic allergies and breathing issues simply because their duct system is circulating harmful particles.

    It may be time for a duct cleaning if:

    • You suspect the presence of mold or mildew in your duct system
    • There is a change in the normal smell of your space
    • You feel fatigued with no clear cause
    • Allergy symptoms become worse with no clear cause
    • Asthma symptoms become worse with no clear cause

    Likewise, it may be time to clear your dryer vent line if:

    • You suspect a serious buildup of lint
    • The dryer seems to be working harder than before
    • Clothes won’t seem to dry in the dryer
    • There is very little airflow exiting the vent while the dryer is in use
    • The dryer makes the indoor air hot and humid while in use

    Pt. 3: Getting Your Ducts Back To Normal

    Having your ducts professionally cleaned is a simple and minimally invasive process that will leave with peace of mind that you and your loved ones are breathing safe air.

    To begin our process, a Back To Normal Restoration Technician will inspect your space and duct system. Then they will put together an action plan.

    A typical action plan may look like this:

    1. Verify the integrity of the ducts and vents, and assess the level of debris present.
    2. Inspect air handler to make sure no further damage is being done.
    3. Access the duct system through existing service openings.
    4. Begin breaking larger contaminants loose from your system and removing by hand or using a vacuum.
    5. Agitate dirt and dust to begin removal from the system using portable vacuum or truck-mounted vacuum.  
    6. In some situations the use of chemicals may be necessary to fully sanitize the air ducts, and ensure that they are disinfected and deodorized.

    Our restoration professionals are capable of:

    • sub-floor work,
    • floor covering replacement/restoration,
    • drywall, trim and baseboard replacement,
    • decorative wallpaper and border replacement,
    • painting,
    • and more!

    Back to Normal Restoration Services also specializes in spot and stain removal on a variety of flooring and textile surfaces. We will leave your water-damaged area looking fresh and new.

    Having your ducts clean and functioning properly can have serious health benefits, and can help get your home Back To Normal!

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