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Trust Back To Normal to Complete Your Crawl Space Encapsulation Quickly and Professionally

Back to Normal Restoration Services is the coastal Carolinas’ choice for installing vapor barriers that will work hard under your house for years to come.

A damp crawl space may seem normal in the Carolinas, but even a small amount of moisture can lead to serious problems. Termite damage, mold, mildew, fungus, and structural decay are just some of the issues that occur when high humidity levels lead to excess moisture in a crawl space. At Back To Normal, we do just what our name says, our skills specialize in fixing moisture damage and creating a stable environment that prevents future decay. Our crawl space encapsulation process gives you a vapor barrier that can maintain humidity levels, prevent decay or mold growth and reduce heating and cooling costs.

At Back To Normal, we thrive on knowing that we are providing the best services in the area. Our years of experience allow us to detect and diagnose the cause of crawl space moisture quickly. We are equipped to handle anything from vapor barrier seals to complete encapsulation and pump installation. In addition to encapsulating your crawl space, Back To Normal can professionally restore any areas affected by water or moisture damage, bringing your home back to its former self.

Worry less with us, we will have your home’s foundation Back To Normal in no time.

    Pt. 1: Why do I need a moisture barrier under my house?

    All manner of insects and fungal growths thrive on moisture, darkness, and organic matter. This makes a crawl space an ideal place to breed harmful elements, right below your feet.

    A strong vapor barrier can keep humidity under your house to a minimum, and preserve the foundation of your house much better than being left to the elements.

    Pt. 2: What can happen if I don’t encapsulate my crawl space?

    A crawl space that is left exposed to moisture and humidity can become dank and repellent to a homeowner, but the greatest danger is to the wood exposed to these conditions. Mildew and other forms of decay can work their ways into the wood of your home, and break down the structural integrity of the wood to the point that it cannot be repaired and must be replaced. If this happens to the foundation of your home, there is almost no limit to the damage that can be caused.

    Moisture and wood are also the favorite environments of wood termites, and a damp crawl space can attract termites where there were previously none. No other special conditions need to be present for termites to begin snacking on your home’s foundations. They are present in all parts of the country and in all climates, so a crawl space with no defense can be a ticking time bomb.

    A professionally-installed vapor barrier in your crawl space typically lasts for decades, and keeps your home dry and safe from rot and pests for many years to come.

    Pt. 3: Installing A Barrier

    Your crawl space may be actively wet, or just merely damp, but no matter what, Back To Normal Restoration has the experience and team to handle the job rapidly and professionally.

    A Back To Normal Restoration Technician will inspect your crawl space’s conditions. Then they will put together an action plan.

    A typical action plan may look like this:

    1. Determine if excess humidity or water need to be removed; handle accordingly.
    2. Remedy any leaks or other sources of dampness in the space.
    3. Measure the size of the space to be encapsulated, and determine any special needs. 
    4. Rough-cut the pieces needed to form the barrier, begin installation.
    5. Seal all corners and areas where the barrier meets the structure.
    6. Monitor the space for ambient humidity to ensure that it has been sealed adequately. 

    Pt. 4: Restoring Your Home or Business “Back To Normal”

    Once the encapsulation process has met our standards (through consistent monitoring of moisture levels) the process of restoring the structure can start. We will disinfect and deodorize any damaged areas, and replace or restore damaged materials.

    You can rest assured that your new barrier will prevent future damage to your property by properly sealing moisture out of your crawl space.

    Our restoration professionals are capable of:

    • sub-floor work,
    • floor covering replacement/restoration,
    • drywall, trim and baseboard replacement,
    • decorative wallpaper and border replacement,
    • painting,
    • and more!

    Back to Normal Restoration Services also specializes in spot and stain removal on a variety of flooring and textile surfaces. We will leave your water-damaged area looking fresh and new.

    Encapsulating your crawl space is a great way to protect your investment from future problems, or recover from a disaster and get Back To Normal!

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