Dry Ice Cleaning & Mold Removal

What is Dry Ice Cleaning & Blasting?

Dry ice cleaning is also referred to as dry ice blasting or CO2 cleaning. Over the past few years this method has become one of the most preferred cleaning processes used in a variety of applications and industries. Dry ice blasting & cleaning systems have been developed as a clean, safe alternative to hand scrubbing and solvent wiping, sand, bead, or soda blasting.

It is the process by which high velocity dry ice particles are accelerated at a targeted surface for the purpose of contamination removal or cleaning. In basic terms, dry ice blasting is simply using the kinetic energy of the accelerated dry ice particles to hit the target substrate and relocate the contamination. Unlike the chiseling effect of grit blasting, that actually removes portions of the substrate, dry ice blasting cleans by way of a nonabrasive gas flushing action. The particles and/or contaminate are simply lifted off by the impact and release of energy created by the dry ice impacting the surface

Why Dry Ice Cleaning?

CO2 blasting utilizes compressed air to propel dry ice pellets much like a sand blaster uses air to propel sand. Dry ice is completely non-abrasive and in many situations are preferable to sand, soda, or water. Once the cleaning process has been completed, the dry ice pellets pass from a solid to a gas without becoming a liquid. The result is no cleaning media residue requiring containment or disposal.

This process is an ideal solution when such processes are detrimental to the surface being cleaned, has the potential to affect equipment or adjacent areas, other cleaning methods would cause an expensive waste process, or if alternate methods cause pollution.

Dry Ice Cleaning Applications

We have found many areas where dry ice cleaning is the preferred method. The list below includes some of the most popular applications for dry ice blasting, however new applications are found on a regular basis.

Dry Ice Blasting & the Environment

Dry ice blasting will reduce and in some cases eliminate the need for using caustics, solvents and other harsh chemicals normally used in commercial and industrial cleaning. This means fewer Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions, less chemical exposure hazards to employees and reduced waste disposal. All of these factors result in a net positive effect on our environment. Dry ice blasting is one of the most environmentally friendly cleaning processes currently available on the market.

A majority of the contaminants removed with dry ice blasting can simply be swept or scooped up and disposed of in traditional waste receptacles. There is no added waste from the blast (CO2) media, and depending upon what we are cleaning, this relates to a huge cost savings for our clients.

When CO2 blast cleaning is utilized for restoration applications, the environmental impact is easy to see. Removing fire, soot and smoke damage from apartment buildings, commercial buildings and residential buildings leaves no residue whatsoever, by contrast, the use of sand, soda and other blasting media results in a large waste stream of spent, contaminated media to be disposed of.

Most commercially available dry ice is made from recaptured or recycled CO2, being expelled by various industrial processes. Thus, the collection of the CO2 gas to be used and formed into dry ice gives it a second useful life and results in no real impact on the environment or atmosphere.

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