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Below are a few restoration questions that we are asked on a frequent basis. If you do not find the answer you seek below, please contact us here »

Do I have to use the restoration company my insurance company recommends I use?

No, you have the right to choose the company you are comfortable with to work in your home. The insurance company will work with any restoration company you choose.

Do I have to file an insurance claim before I call a restoration company to start the work?

No, calling a restoration company immediately after a loss is the first step in minimizing damages.

How do I know if a loss is covered by my insurance company?

The best way is to refer to your insurance policy, or call your agent for that information.

What if I have a restoration company repairing my home and then I find out it’s not covered by my insurance company?

If you have a loss in your home and your insurance company informs you it is not covered by insurance, you are responsible for paying the restoration company in full for the work.

What is a deductible?

A deductible is a set amount you owe to the restoration company in addition to what the insurance company will pay to have your home repaired. Refer to your insurance policy for that amount.

How much are estimates?

Back to Normal provides onsite visit to assess the situation and determine the amount of damage that has occurred to your home or office at $150.00 to $250.00 depending on the type of inspection call. The inspection fee you pay will be applied towards your overall bill. Our onsite technician team is prepared to efficiently determine what needs to be done to stop further damage from occurring, create as sketch of the areas of damage, and the type of work to be performed in order to get you back to normal. A cost and time estimate complete with a scope of work and sketches of the area(s) will be provided to you at no charge. Typically single family home estimates are completed within 24 hours and larger commercial property estimates within 72 hours of our visit.

How will you handle my water loss?

We will handle your water loss the same as if it were our home, family, or business that needed to be protected. Our first goal is to determine the source of the water and how to make sure that it has been contained and fixed.

Do you remove insulation?

The removal of insulation really depends on a lot of factors. Typically we need to assess the type of water / damage, the area(s) affected, and the type of insulation installed to determine if that will be necessary.

Do you test for mold?

We do indeed test for mold.  We have that ability now but we send out the samples to a 3rd party representative for testing results. The price varies depending on how many surface/air samples are needed. Please call us for more in depth information pertaining to any type of suspicious growth issues & pricing.

Can you prevent mold from growing?

Mold is known to be ubiquitous (everywhere), however many mold types are not harmful to people. The goal is to make sure that you prevent visible mold growth from occurring and keep mold in “normal” percentages / ranges when compared with the surrounding environment of your home. There are many factors that determine if visible mold growth can occur. The best way for a property owner to prevent mold from growing is to ensure that your property is constantly monitored for any types of water leaks / intrusions (i.e. moisture control), as many of the other factors that aid mold growth are out of your control.

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